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Knife, Scissors, Wood Working and Garden Tools in West London

Based in London W3

Sharpening services for both domestic and commercial customers

Based in London W3

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Experience Professionalism : Knife, Scissors, Wood Working and Garden Tools in West London

We are a sharpening service based in West London, W3,  catering for both domestic and commerical customers.

We are fully insured and can cater for all of your sharpening needs, hand sharpening and utilising the very latest machines.

We offer free local collection and delivery by prior appointment in W3 and W4, or drop-off with parking available – please contact 24 hrs in advance.

Tool sharpening in London West

Our services

Transform Your Tools with Expert Blade Sharpening in London West. We can sharpen most domestic and commerical tools, including, but not limited to:


    We sharpen all types of knives, including kitchen, professional chef, serrated, Mezzaluna, crafts & hobbies, and hunting knives. We also offer knife repairs including the removal of nicks, re-heeling, re-tipping, or a straightening of the knife edge.



    We sharpen hairdressing scissors, thinners or texturisers, dressmaking & tailoring scissors, pinking shears, household, kitchen & poultry scissors – left or right-handed versions.Scissors sharpening service   


    Garden tools

    We offer a sharpening service to renew all sorts of equipment like mower blades, secateurs, shears, loppers, spades, hoes, and axes. We also clean and, where possible, offer a rust removal service for gardening tools.

    Scissors sharpening   

    Woodworking tools

    We sharpen and repair Chisels and Plane Irons, removing all dents and nicks, leaving a mirror finish.Chisels sharpening near me    Chisels sharpening near me

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    Amybeth Hargreaves

    I had two very blunt pairs of hairdressing scissors, that weren’t particularly expensive, however, I didn’t just want to chuck them and get a new pair. Dave did a great job, they now cut effortlessly, even better than they did originally. Dave’s prices are very reasonable, and he collects and delivers back. A great local service. Will definitely use again. Thank you Dave.

    Gordon Green

    Amazing service! Prompt communications. 20 year old 4x Zwilling 4* knives plus scissors now sharper than when I bought them. Dave may not thank me for saying but he picked them up and brought them back the same day. I can learn to keep a sharp knife…sharp. But once it’s blunt you need help. Dave is that go to guy!

    Abbie Holmes

    Amazing!! quick service. I was just visiting for the day as I had a course in shepherds bush for my hairdressing. the scissors are cutting perfectly and the other girls are happy with their scissors.
    Thank you

    Carsten Uth

    I had five kitchen knives and two gardening tools sharpened. It is pretty impressive how good the result was. Before having my knives sharpened, my knives were so dull, that I resorted to buying a Sabatier knife to get any cooking done Now, the nearly new Sabatier knife seems dull in comparison to the recently sharpened knives The garden tools have made the gardening so much faster Price was absolutely reasonable Highly recommended

    Mary Geraghty

    Kitchen knives, garden sheers and secateurs all brilliantly sharpened. Speedy, good value and great service. Will be back!

    Sam Turner

    I found Dave on Google and his service is fantastic. I needed knives sharpened before Christmas. I called him and he came to collect the next day and he delivered them back just over an hour later! I mean, I don’t expect that level of service every time but it was brilliant. Very friendly, professional and excellent value. Thanks.

    Jordan Muir

    Great service. Dave fixed what I thought was a fairly bad chuck missing from a hardened steel chef knife in a day. Dave even collected the item from my house ad allowed me to collect the knife later in the week after work. My knives never looked our felt this good.

    Nigel Brophy

    Have wanted the kitchen knives sharpening for years, came across Dave’s demonstration on social media and contacted him immediately. Knives were picked up, sharpened (they’re really sharp) and delivered back all in an afternoon for a modest fee! Get those knives sharpened for Christmas!

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